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6 Topics to Avoid on Social Media During Divorce

Most people have heard how important it is to exercise caution when using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Often, however, they do not understand what “caution” means, especially in the context of divorce. As a result, the divorce and related child-custody proceedings may not turn out the way they had hoped.
This post focuses on topics that users of social media should eliminate from their updates and social shares if they are in the process of obtaining a divorce.

6 Don’ts of Social Media During Divorce

  • Don’t post pictures of yourself partying. This is especially true if you are engaged in a child custody dispute. The other parent could use pictures that may seem innocent to you to suggest that your commitment to parenting is not very strong. Pictures of you consuming alcohol, being flirtatious or engaging in behavior that others might find inappropriate should not appear on any social media account.
  • Don’t let your friends tag you or check in with you. Even if you don’t appear in a picture, if people check in at a nice restaurant or bar saying they are with you, the other parent can use this to document your lack of fitness for parenting. Don’t let people tag you. It is important to make sure your friends understand how this seemingly fun way of creating connection can backfire.
  • Don’t show off your money or brag about expensive purchases, especially if you are asking for financial support in the divorce or child custody action. This can suggest that your income is higher than you reported, hurting your chances of obtaining more spousal or child support. It may also seem as if your financial disclosures might be fraudulent.
  • Don’t spy on your ex through social media. You could be accused of stalking even if that is not your intent. Moreover, showing that you are unable to move away from your ex can negatively affect your settlement or hurt you in a child custody dispute.
  • Don’t show images of your new partner. Be mindful that seeming to boast about your wonderful new life might enrage your soon-to-be-ex-and make a settlement much more difficult. In other words, don’t flaunt it! Tell your new partner to never post about you, either.
  • Don’t write nasty posts about your spouse. Even if your wife or husband does not use social media, they will probably hear about your barbed words and complaints from others. Like boasting about your new partner, badmouthing your spouse can backfire and interfere with the legal proceedings.

Need Help During Your Divorce?

Your attorney can advise you on appropriate social media behavior during divorce. At Setzer Law Firm, our divorce lawyers know how social media posts can trigger a negative response during divorce proceedings. Call Jill and John Setzer to learn more.

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