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Child Relocation Lawyer in Colleyville, TX

Protecting Your Parental Rights

The difficult decisions and legal challenges that parents face often do not end with divorce. Circumstances are bound to change in the years afterward, and one of the most volatile issues that can arise is a custodial parent’s desire to move away and take children with her or him. If the distance is significant and it will affect the other parent’s visitation rights and schedule, the presiding court’s permission is required.

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Custodial And Visitation Rights Matter · Learn Your Legal Obligations And Options

It is fairly common for people to find better job opportunities elsewhere and to genuinely believe life will be better for their children after relocating. However, most court orders for custody and visitation are designed to support continued, consistent contact with both parents. As soon as you determine you wish to move with children or learn of a proposed move that impacts your family, you should contact a knowledgeable lawyer.

Seeking Resolution Of Parental Disputes Through Negotiation And Mediation

Attorneys Jill Setzer and John Setzer have helped numerous mothers and fathers in the Tarrant-Denton County area resolve complex child relocation disputes. Key considerations in your case may include:

  • It may be possible to prevent a parental move-away by challenging whether it is necessary and whether it serves the children’s best interests.
  • As in all family law disputes, it is optimal to reach an agreement to present to the court, maintaining control over decisions within your family and avoiding potentially staggering litigation costs.
  • Obtaining the noncustodial parent’s permission or the court’s authority to move may requires extensive case preparation and willingness to accept modifications of child support and the visitation schedule.

At the Setzer Law Firm PLLC, near Keller, Texas, we maintain a balanced and extremely active practice in family law matters that arise after or outside of divorce. You can turn to our firm with confidence that attorneys Jill Setzer and John Setzer will carefully assess your situation and offer clear, honest guidance as to how a court will rule and what options are viable.

Turn To A Lawyer With Experience In Contested Move-Away Cases

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