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Locating Hidden Assets In Divorce

Couples handle their financial affairs and records in different ways. It is fairly common for one spouse to manage most or all of the income, pay bills and track bank accounts with little input from the other. When divorce becomes likely or certain, this can become an issue of great concern for the man or woman who focused on other duties.

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Ensuring Full Disclosure · Accounting And Investigative Resources

Providing full financial disclosure is a fundamental aspect of the Texas divorce process. At Setzer Law Firm PLLC, we will work rigorously to make sure it really happens in your case. Dedicated family lawyers Jill Setzer and John Setzer have the insight and resources to assist you if, for example:

  • You have reason to suspect that your spouse may have concealed income from self-employment, business income, investments or other assets
  • Our assessment of basic financial documents and other information indicates a thorough discovery process should be conducted
  • It becomes necessary to take an aggressive stance in negotiations, mediation or litigation to ensure property division in your divorce, any award of spousal maintenance and other outcomes are fair to you in every respect

Determined Advocacy For Fair Financial Outcomes In The Divorce Process

Locating hidden assets and the tracing of assets across the financial system are specialized skills, making the use of expert resources potentially critical in your case. In representing our clients’ financial interests, we pursue every angle and enlist highly qualified professionals if they can provide real value in the case.

We support calm, amicable resolution of all issues in divorce whenever possible, but attorneys Jill and John Setzer also know how to apply pressure and litigate an intensely disputed, financially complex case. You can count on clear guidance aligned with your specific circumstances and priorities.

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