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Attorney For Divorce Mediation

Some divorces can be resolved through direct negotiations between the parties and their attorneys. In a great many cases, however, entering mediation is necessary to reach agreements on key issues. If you need to resolve matters involving children or property, you may decide to go into mediation voluntarily or it may be ordered by the court.

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Mediation May Be The Solution For Resolving Tough Issues In Your Divorce

You should have legal counsel you trust on your side as you prepare for mediation. Attorneys Jill and John Setzer know this process extremely well, and they are diligent in explaining and protecting clients’ rights. Many people appreciate certain extremely important benefits of mediation, including:

  • Offering both spouses the opportunity to state their goals and concerns before a neutral mediator, this guided dispute resolution process is conducive to settlements.
  • Settling a divorce in mediation is apt to be far more cost-effective and time-efficient than going into litigation.
  • For parents, it is critical to consider how resolving a case fairly without drawn-out litigation will reduce stress and possible emotional harm to children.

Knowledge Across The Spectrum Of Contested Divorce Issues

At the Setzer Law Firm PLLC, in the Keller, Texas, area, we want to help you settle your case and achieve your goals, so that you can move forward in life. You can count on Jill Setzer and John Setzer to lay it on the line when it comes to what to expect from mediation and all other issues important to you.

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