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Obtaining Orders of Protection in Colleyville, TX

It takes time to complete all steps in the legal process for obtaining a divorce in Texas — and it is crucial to protect your interests at a time when your divorcing spouse may be intent on protecting his or hers. When you petition for divorce, it may be possible to obtain court orders that keep your ex-spouse from taking certain actions at your expense. These are called restraining orders, and they should not be confused with the orders of protection issued in domestic violence cases.

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Are You Concerned About What Your Spouse Will Do Once You File For Divorce?

Experienced family law attorneys Jill Setzer and John Setzer will base their guidance for how to proceed on the specific circumstances of your divorce case. The process often includes:

  • Filing for temporary restraining orders that set down important rules for the parties to follow while the case is in process; common stipulations include forbidding the respondent in the case from liquidating bank accounts or other assets, leaving with or hiding children, intercepting mail and more
  • Participating in a subsequent hearing at which temporary orders are typically established for child custody, child support, spousal support, servicing of debts and other important matters while the case is proceeding

At the Setzer Law Firm PLLC, we help clients avoid initiating or escalating conflict, but we are always realistic about the various challenges and problems a divorce can present. Mr. and Mrs. Setzer will work strategically to help you protect your assets and your children in this traumatic time.

We Make Sure Our Clients Have All Available Legal Protections

If your case calls for restraining orders, they will act decisively in the effort to put those in place. They also help you prepare thoroughly for the hearing at which temporary orders will be established. Often, these orders establish key precedents that influence negotiations, agreements and decisions in the case.

If you are considering or facing divorce, we encourage you to contact our law firm in the Keller area as soon as you can. Together, you and accomplished divorce lawyers Jill and John Setzer can establish a plan that protects your future to the greatest possible extent. Simply call 817-767-1865 or reach out to us via email to schedule an initial consultation.

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