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Vigorous Representation In Parental Alienation Cases

When parents divorce, they face extremely difficult, complex decisions regarding their children’s future care and upbringing. Mothers and fathers sometimes have very different views of the custody and visitation arrangements that will give their kids the best opportunities for stability and happiness.

In some cases, a parent engages in behaviors that are unfair to the other parent and potentially very harmful to children’s relationships and emotional well-being. Debate about whether Parental Alienation Syndrome is a legitimate psychological problem is ongoing. What is certain, however, is that some people try just about everything to ensure that their kids are on their side in divorce and custody disputes.

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Get Clear, Direct Counsel On Protecting Children And Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Except when mental health and fitness to a parent, threats to children’s safety and other extraordinary circumstances are in play, Texas laws and courts support close, continued relationships with both parents. Attorneys Jill and John Setzer of the Setzer Law Firm PLLC near Keller, is an excellent resource for clear, upfront advice about how the court may view parental alienation and things to avoid doing when child custody, visitation time and other issues are in dispute.

Is Your Divorcing Spouse Or Ex-Spouse Turning Your Children Against You?

Activities that may be considered parental alienation and viewed very negatively by a judge in your custody case or other child-related legal matter include:

  • Criticizing and denigrating the other parent directly to, or in the presence of, children while the case is in process
  • Unreasonably limiting children’s contact and communication with the other parent
  • Encouraging children to get involved in disputed aspects of a divorce or other dispute

If you believe parental alienation is an issue in your divorce, there is no time to lose in sitting down with an attorney who will explain your rights. Mr. and Mrs. Setzer will focus on helping you set realistic goals and finding the best path to a resolution. Our firm is also an excellent resource for people coping with problems after divorce, such as denials of court-ordered visitation.

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