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Spousal Support/Alimony Attorney in Colleyville, TX

Texas laws governing spousal support — what some still call alimony — and how they are applied are not well understood by most people. Today, the majority of Texas divorces result in no spousal support awards or orders at all. If you believe that you should receive spousal support or that your divorcing spouse will seek it, there is no time to lose in seeking qualified legal counsel.

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Clear, Realistic Legal Information And Effective Advocacy In Divorce

Attorneys Jill and John Setzer have many years of experience protecting clients’ interests in financially complex divorce cases. Our clients appreciate her direct communication style and honesty when evaluating goals that may not be attainable, based on her close familiarity with Tarrant County and Denton County court rulings.

When circumstances do justify payment of spousal support or both parties believe it is appropriate, they are adept at:

  • Establishing a strong basis for payment of substantial spousal support after a long-term marriage, when a nonworking spouse has limited earning capacity and under other qualifying circumstances, or
  • Defending against an unreasonable demand for spousal support, either by contesting the need for such payments altogether or seeking to limit the amount or duration

Proven Skill In Resolving Complex Financial And Alimony Disputes

At our family law firm in the Keller, Texas, area, we are well equipped to provide a rigorous assessment of your unique financial and personal circumstances, calling on a network of specialists in other fields when needed. Mr. and Mrs. Setzer have handled numerous high net worth divorce cases, divorces on fault grounds and others in which spousal support was sought.

Get Legal Help From An Experienced Lawyer

Although we encourage settlement of all disputes through negotiations or mediation when possible, it may be essential to be prepared to go the distance if spousal support is a key issue in your case. To schedule an initial consultation with a lawyer who will focus squarely on the issues that matter most to you, call 817-767-1865 or email us at the Setzer Law Firm PLLC.

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