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Can I refuse to get divorced? | Protest the Divorce

With the release of thousands of account holder’s names in the Ashley Madison hack, it’s possible that some couples may be facing a divorce they never thought would come. In any case of infidelity, divorce is almost always considered as an option, and if you were the one who cheated, you may wonder if there is anything you can do to protest the divorce.

There are generally two main types of divorces: ones where the two parties agree on the terms of the divorce and those where the two parties do not. In either case, the end result of a divorce is the same. The difference is usually only in the time and money both of you end up putting in. Contrary to popular belief, you can’t really refuse to grant your spouse a divorce. If your spouse wants to file for divorce, there is nothing you can do legally to stop them.

It is possible, however, to draw out the divorce proceedings by refusing to agree on custody of any children or the terms of the property division settlement. If you’re considering this, though, you may want to think some more. Any time a couple is fighting over an issue in the courts, it takes a great deal of time, emotional energy and money. The courts also do not look favorably on those who are being difficult just to prolong proceedings or punish the other party.

If you have just found out that your spouse is filing for divorce, it’s important to talk with a family law attorney about what to expect over the coming months. He or she will be able to tell you anything you may be able to do to speed up the process or make it less stressful.

Source: Forbes, “How Your Spouse’s Ashley Madison Account Can Impact Your Divorce,” Emma Johnson, Aug. 24, 2015

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