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Changing a Divorce Order Once The Process is Final

Life continues to change long after a divorce is final, and, in some cases, these circumstances could necessitate a change to an existing divorce order. In Texas, there may be some aspects of your divorce order that are eligible for modification, but it is critical to have the assistance of an experienced attorney when seeking these changes.

Even if you have valid grounds for a modification, it is not always easy to secure it. While a property division agreement is not reversible, with experienced legal guidance, you may be able to secure an adjustment to your child support or custody and visitation order.

Do you have grounds for a post-divorce modification?

In order to secure a modification to your child support or custody order, you must be able to prove that significant changes in your circumstances impact your ability to meet your financial obligations and parental duties. You may have grounds for a post-divorce modification if you have experienced any of the following:

  • You lost your job.
  • You or your ex-spouse remarried.
  • Your child received a diagnosis of a serious medical condition.
  • The custodial parent wishes to move with the children.
  • The amount of child support you currently receive is not sufficient for the needs of your children.
  • Your job circumstances prevent you from paying the full amount of child support.
  • You believe your current custody or visitation order is unfair.
  • You would like to seek more visitation time with your children.

The circumstances that led to your need for a post-divorce modification may seem overwhelming, but it may prove to be critical to avoid only a verbal agreement between you and the other parent. Child support is not eligible for retroactive modification, so the sooner you seek the necessary changes to your divorce order, the better it will be for you and your family.

A positive outcome to your legal concern

Obtaining a post-divorce modification is only possible by filing a formal request with the court. You would be wise to first work with a knowledgeable attorney who can evaluate your situation and provide guidance regarding the options available to you.

If you have valid grounds for a modification, your lawyer can help you navigate the legal steps required. With assistance, you can reach a positive solution to your child support or custody concerns.

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