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Considerations For High – Asset Divorces Vary Greatly

Property division during a divorce is never an easy task. However, when a business or other high-value assets come into the picture, the difficulty is much greater. High-asset divorces come with some very real and complicated issues.

In the case of a couple who has a business, valuation of that business is a big factor in the property division process. We can work with you and an experienced business appraiser to determine the business’ future value. A variety of factors are considered.

If the company is a publicly traded company, the stock prices are considered. The economic outlook for the industry, the earning history, the expense history, the dividend paying capacity, the net worth, and the earning capacity are also considered. All of this information has to come together to paint a picture about where the business is headed.

We know that having to go through the business valuation process is something that you probably don’t look forward to. It is a vital part of the process so that you can make sure your interests are protected as you and your spouse divide property.

In addition to business valuation, we can help you with forensic accounting. We can help you search for hidden assets to further protect your interests. We can even help you learn how to value investments and retirement accounts so you can ensure that the future expected values of those assets are taken into account.

As we put together a comprehensive financial picture, we can work with you to learn about what property or assets are important for you to keep.

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