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Could Parents Who Smoke Be Penalized In Child Custody Matters?

Most parents would say that they would never do something on purpose that might inflict harm upon their children. Despite this, one family medicine doctor believes parents do this on a regular basis—by exposing them to secondhand smoke. The doctor believes that doing so is actually child abuse. His thoughts on the matter were recently published in Annals of Family Medicine.

It is possible that some parents would not think about smoking being harmful to their children. This is true even if they understand how dangerous it is to themselves. To help parents have a different perspective on the issue, this doctor thinks that physicians need to do more to stop it from happening.

His reason for this is based on firsthand experience caring for children who are suffering with severe respiratory illness as a result of being exposed to secondhand smoke.

In the state of Texas authorities have taken steps to protect children in the foster care system from being exposed to smoke either in the car or home. Though it is not yet something specifically considered when determining child custody in Texas since a wide variety of factors are taken in to consideration when it is being determined it is possible it could someday be considered. It certainly would fit under the guiding principle in making these decisions—what is in the best interest in the child.

Child custody matters are often some of the most serious legal matters that someone will face. Because of that it makes sense that those facing that situation would face the matter with the assistance of a family law lawyer.

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