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Couple Who Wed In Pakistan Now In Texas Family Courts

A divorce playing out in the Texas courts could set a precedent on how family law cases involving international courts are handled moving forward. In this case, the couple was married in Pakistan, and the Islamic tradition of getting a divorce by saying “I divorce you” three times is at the heart of the dispute.

According to reports, the couple was married in Pakistan and then came to live in Texas in 2010. They also appear to have had a ceremony in Texas to commemorate the wedding. In 2012, the woman in this case claims that her husband sent her back to Pakistan so she could attempt to get U.S. citizenship. However, the woman now claims that her husband sending her to Pakistan was a ruse so he could file for divorce in 2013.

The husband filed for divorce in Pakistan, but the wife is now asking a Texas family court judge to intervene because of the way assets are divided in Pakistan. The couple’s marriage contract says the husband only has to give the woman $50 million, but in this case, he is worth a reported $100 million. The woman has officially appealed the divorce in Pakistan, and it remains to be seen what the Texas courts will decide.

This is just one example of how complicated family law cases can get, especially when one or both parties has ties to another country or the marriage took place outside of the United States. Having an experienced family law attorney on your side is critical to protecting your interests in these types of cases.

Source: Click 2 Houston, “High-profile $100 million divorce case plays out in Houston court,” Jake Reiner, Jan. 29, 2016

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