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Divorce Mediation May Be a Viable Option When Dissolving Marriage

The process of getting divorced can be mentally, emotionally and financially taxing. This is especially true for couples with high-value assets or with a large number of assets in the state of Texas. However, if you and your spouse are able to find some common ground during your divorce proceeding, you may find divorce mediation beneficial.

Divorce mediation is an alternative to divorce litigation, offering multiple advantages. It can be most helpful for resolving difficult issues involved in the dissolution of a marriage.

Why should I choose divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation gives both you and your future ex the chance to explain your concerns and goals in front of a neutral mediator, which is conducive to achieving a settlement. In addition, mediation can be much more time efficient and less expensive than litigation.

Mediation is especially helpful for parents, who can resolve their cases in a fair manner without the stress of drawn-out litigation. Because you and a co-parent can work together to create your own agreement, you may find greater satisfaction with the outcome of the case compared to a couple who went to trial. Mediation also teaches you skills that can prove helpful for resolving future conflicts, and it also protects your family’s confidentiality as well.

What does the mediator do?

The purpose of the mediator is not to determine whether you or your future ex is right or wrong. Rather, a mediator helps you both to achieve a solution that works for you both. You get the opportunity to explore options and negotiate a mutually beneficial and satisfactory settlement that will resolve your dispute.

After the mediator initially goes over the rules regarding mediation, he or she will review the mediation process. Although two divorcing individuals are encouraged to start a conversation in a general caucus, the mediator can separate them and go back and forth between the two in private caucuses if the two individuals are overly emotional or hostile toward each other. Demands and offers are passed between the two parties until they reach an agreement.

Divorce mediation, however, is not ideal for everybody. For instance, it may not be a helpful option if one party is not able to express his or her opinions fully or fearlessly. A knowledge attorney in Texas can work with you to determine if mediation is ideal for your case and will help you to fight for your best interests in areas such as asset division and property distribution.

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