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Divorce Rates Spike After Summer Break | Divorce Rate in Texas

A study recently published out of the University of Washington states that divorce in the United States has two distinct seasons. According to researchers, divorce rates are highest immediately following both the summer and winter holiday breaks.

Why the connection to these two specific times of year? Researchers with the study point to two possible explanations. First, these time periods are viewed as times to focus on the family. During this period of introspection, a couple may come to the realization that their marriage is simply not working.

Second, researchers note that filing for a divorce during this time is viewed as taboo. As such, couples may take a couple of months to hold on to the marriage for the sake of the kids or extended family members. Once things settle down, the couple may file for the divorce they were contemplating before the summer or winter holiday season began.

A note from researchers: Researchers were careful to note that these findings were based on data from Washington State. Since divorce law is a creature of state, not federal, law the trend could differ in other states.

In an attempt to see how wide reaching this trend is the researchers began expanding their research to other states throughout the country.

So far, the researchers have examined data from Ohio, Minnesota, Florida and Arizona. Those states are notable since the divorce laws are similar to Washington but the economic conditions and demographics are not. This is particularly true of Arizona and Florida, two states that were hit very hard during the recession.

Even with these differences, thus far the researchers see the pattern of two distinct divorce seasons continues.

As summer comes to a close, divorce may be on your mind: Those who find themselves considering divorce as summer comes to an end may find the results of this study reassuring. Filing for divorce at the beginning of the school year is not uncommon. Couples with children who are concerned about the impact of the divorce on the start of the school year are not alone. Tips abound to help ease this transition.

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