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End Of Marriage Being Blamed On Facebook | Facebook Divorce

Have you ever thought about how social media affects your marriage? One woman has and she says that Facebook ruined her marriage. The woman is getting a divorce and claims that the social media website is to blame for the end of her marriage.

She says the issue started five years ago when she became addicted to the social media website. She says that she would neglect other aspects of life, such as chatting with her husband, cooking meals, cleaning the house or caring for her children because she was spending time of Facebook.

The issue with Facebook doesn’t stop with just the amount of time the woman was spending on the website, which was upwards of four to five hours a day. Instead, the real issue began when the woman started messaging ex-boyfriends. Her husband found out about those and the fight about the social media website began.

That woman’s case isn’t the only one being blamed on social media. Instead, a growing number of divorces are blamed on websites like Facebook. In fact, one survey noted that out of every seven divorces, social media plays a part in one.

As is the case with most activities, moderation is the key when it comes to social media websites. People might neglect other aspects of life in favor of posting on and interacting with these websites. No matter how much time you spend on these websites, it is important to remember that everything you post becomes fair play.

If Facebook or other social media websites have led to the end of your marriage, you must ensure that you protect your rights as you move through the divorce process. Of course, that is true no matter what the root cause of your divorce is.

Source: Fox 13, “Woman blames Facebook for divorce, she’s not the only one,” Ashton Edwards, May. 06, 2015

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