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Getting Divorced? Prepare for These Changes to Your Social Life.

If you are thinking about getting a divorce, you need to know about the social consequences that will follow. You may not experience them until months after the ink is dry on your divorce decree. But knowing these things might happen may make it easier to navigate life post-divorce and continue to have a healthy social life.

Top 5 Changes to Social Life After Divorce

  • Your friends may feel as if they were forced to take sides. Don’t encourage them to avoid your ex. Don’t drop friends because they are still associating with your former spouse. Although some people may disappear from your life after your divorce, don’t force them to choose. Everyone loses.
  • You will need to plan more. Juggling custody, visitation, and your children’s school and activity schedules will be more complicated. Adding time for socializing can make life very hectic. Take it slow; once you get used to the new pace of things, ensure you carve out time for socializing.
  • Family rituals will change. The tradition of holiday dinners with your ex’s parents or the Fourth of July picnic with all the cousins will likely disappear. But, if you’re open to it, leave the door open to creating new traditions with your former in-laws and others. Celebrate another holiday or even design a new one.
  • Discomfort may become your new norm. You will encounter people who don’t know about your divorce, and you may feel the need to explain yourself. You may face rejection from people and institutions that you thought were solidly in your corner. This will eventually dissipate, but knowing it’s coming can help you prepare.
  • You will be tempted to become a bit of a hermit. Perhaps you won’t want to do anything because of depression. Perhaps you’re simply afraid of running into your ex. Resist these fears and emotions! Force yourself to try new activities. Volunteer. Go out with your work buddies for a beer or dinner. Talk to a counselor. Take a cooking class. Learn a new language. This is a time for reinvention, at least to some degree. Allow yourself the growth!

Thinking About Divorce? Get Help.

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