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High Asset Divorce : Athlete’s Wife Says Divorce Was A Surprise

Former Texas Rangers baseball player Josh Hamilton has filed for divorce from his wife Katie Hamilton. Katie Hamilton has since made several public statements regarding her surprise at the divorce. She said that they did not have any kind of major fight and nothing sparked the divorce.

Mrs. Hamilton reported that she has never been unfaithful to her husband, and she feels that she did everything the right way in her marriage. She further claimed that she has always stood by her baseball star husband and she will continue to stand by him. She says that she will love him now and continue loving him in the future.

The divorce filing was initiated last February in Tarrant County, Texas, the same county where Hamilton completed five seasons as a professional baseball player with the Texas Rangers. The divorce filing cites conflict as the reason for terminating the marriage, but nothing else is known. That said, Josh Hamilton is known to have issues with substance abuse and he suffered a relapse earlier this year.

In the baseball players divorce petition, he outlined more than 30 requests. He prohibited his wife from using his Chevy Blazer and Maserati. He also prohibited his wife from hiding his children from him and/or making disparaging comments about him and his family.

At this time, Josh Hamilton is dealing with several issues in his high asset divorce, the most difficult of them having to do with his children. The baseball player is only permitted to have supervised access to his children, presumably as a result of his substance abuse issues and relapse. Texas residents who are having issues relating to child custody and child visitation rights can run into problems if they have substance abuse problems, like being denied unsupervised access to one’s children.

Source: The Dallas Morning News, “Josh Hamilton’s wife shocked by divorce filing: ‘I’ve never cheated’ on him,” April. 20, 2015

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