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How Does Divorce Mediation Unfold? | Divorce Mediation Attorney

If you are ever faced with the divorce process, you have a few options for moving forward. Like many, you may move through the court system in a traditional manner. While this is your right, a growing number of couples are considering divorce mediation. If both parties are on board with this idea, it is something to consider.

Through divorce mediation, you have more control over the process. You and your former spouse are more involved with the divorce, meaning that you can end up in a better place when everything is said and done.

The divorce mediation can be simple if you know what to expect. First things first, you should understand that a mediator will sit in on all meetings. This person is not there to make decisions. Instead, this person is there to keep open the lines of communication and move the process forward one step at a time.

During the first meeting, the couple and mediator decide which issues need to be discussed and resolved. During subsequent meetings, discussions revolve around how to compromise and which steps both parties are willing to take to put the divorce in the past.

Finally, once an agreement has been reached, the mediator creates an agreement for both parties to review and sign.

Understanding the basics of divorce mediation may be more than enough for you to realize that this is the best possible situation.

You don’t want to go through divorce, but if you are faced with this you might as well make it as stress free as possible. Divorce mediation can help you do just that.

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