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How Does One Win Back Legal Custody of a Child?

If you have lost custody of your child or children, don’t lose hope. It is possible to regain custody. The guidance of an experienced child custody lawyer in Dallas combined with patience and strong evidence sets the stage to win back legal custody of your offspring. Here’s the inside scoop on how our Dallas and Fort Worth child custody lawyers help deserving parents regain child custody.

How to Win Back Child Custody

Documentation of parent behavior is essential to winning back your children. Family court judges evaluate evidence that demonstrates the child’s current parent is abusive or otherwise unfit to retain full or partial custody. Furthermore, if you have evidence that demonstrates your merit as a parent, the artful presentation of that information by our Dallas child custody attorney will help win back legal custody of your offspring. What matters most is that you have documentation or other evidence that convinces the family court judge that you are the parent most deserving of custody.

Take a moment to reflect on why the judge initially awarded custody to your former spouse. Did your ex’s family law attorney in Dallas present evidence showing that you fell out of contact with the child, abandoned the child, or abused alcohol or drugs in the home? If you can prove you’ve overcome such vices and turned your life around, there is a good chance that the family court judge will consider providing you with at least partial child custody. 

The bottom line is the judge is legally obligated to act in the child’s best interest. Whether you were guilty of neglect or another fault when custody was first determined or whether you were wrongly accused and attempted to right that supposed wrong, our Dallas and Fort Worth child custody attorney will fiercely advocate on your behalf.

A Change of Circumstance

Family court judges are receptive to arguments centered on a change of circumstance. Perhaps you were unemployed at the time that child custody was first determined. In some cases, a parent is in rehab, incarcerated, enrolled in an addiction program, or saddled with another life challenge that precludes partial or full custody of his or her offspring. 

Meet with our family law attorney in Dallas and Fort Worth, let us know how your circumstances have changed, and we’ll present a compelling argument in a court of law to prove your worthiness of legal custody of your children. Even a subtle improvement in your life such as attending parenting classes or paying for home repairs that make the domicile safer or more comfortable for your child has the potential to tip the scales of justice in your favor.

Follow the Current Court Order

The existing court order must be followed to the letter. Adhere to the language of the court order without exception. Attend all hearings as directed. Pick up your children for visitations as instructed. Remain within the limitations of the custody order no matter how constrictive they are and don’t lose hope.

Be Patient and Remain Fully Compliant

Cooperation matters the most in the context of winning back legal custody of a child. Provide our Dallas child custody lawyer with all evidence that contributes toward your merit as a parent, lean on us to represent you before a family court judge, and keep your nose to the grindstone as we advocate on your behalf. Remain fully compliant with your current custody arrangement, do not break any laws, and your ongoing compliance will bolster your case all the more as the judge reevaluates your merit. 

Be civil with the current custodian of your son or daughter. Resist temptation to engage in arguments or engage in other drama during visits with your kids. Remain levelheaded and let our attorneys advocate for justice on your behalf. 

Expert Analysis Might Strengthen Your Case

In some situations, it makes sense for a child custody psychologist to evaluate your child, tween, or teen. This professional will serve as an expert witness who presents evidence of the child’s psychological state and your potential merit as a parent with full or partial custody. As long as this reputable expert provides a favorable opinion of you as a custodian of your child, his or her testimony will strengthen your argument all the more. 

Our family law attorneys in Dallas are here to help pinpoint the optimal child custody expert for your unique situation. Lean on us to identify the optimal child custody psychologist for an evaluation based on the facts of your case, be patient, and we’ll do everything in our power to restore custody.

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