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How to be there for your child following a divorce

There is no question that moving forward after a divorce can be difficult. This is particularly true when children were a product of the failed relationship. This situation can leave parents unsure of the best way to proceed. In some cases fathers in particular may feel this uncertainty. In this post we will cover ways in which dads can be there for their children.

The first thing is to be respectful of your ex. While you are no longer with this person, they will forever be the other parent of your children. This may not always be easy to do but not being able to keep your feelings in check can lead to your child feeling that the issues are his or her fault.

Second, consistency is important. This can take multiple forms including always showing up at events that are important to your child such as extracurricular events and parent-teacher conferences. In addition, when you are physically with your children you should emotionally be there too.

This means that planning ahead is important. Making plans so that they feel like time with you is special is a good way to bond with your child and provide them memories for years to come.

Next, be sure that you are communicating with your child. While this of course means talking to them, it also means listening. Learning about what is important to them can make sure you are able to provide for their needs.

If you have been ordered to pay your ex child support, be sure to do so even if you are angry with that person. If you are unable to make the payments, take action to have the amount owed modified.

Last, from the get go, work with a lawyer who is good at what he or she does. Since relationships are important when children are involved, this may mean that you should forego selecting the person who seems to be the toughest. At the end of the divorce process you need to be in a position with your ex where you can all work together.

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