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How to Get Full Custody of a Child

There is a common misconception that mothers are almost always granted full custody of their child or children. Though family court judges may appear to favor mothers in the context of child custody matters, it is possible for fathers to obtain full custody of their offspring. Regardless of whether you are a mother or a father, what matters most is that you have the right family law attorney to represent you in your child custody matter. Keep reading to learn more about how to get full custody of your child.

The Quest for Full Child Custody

If you are planning on divorce, considering the merits of divorce, or have already divorced and have one or several children, custody is likely at the forefront of your mind. Partial custody in which visitation arrangements are detailed in a matrimonial settlement agreement might not be beneficial for your child/children, yourself, or the other parent. You may have reasons to desire full custody of your offspring.

The challenge of obtaining full custody of a child lies in proving that you are a capable and caring parent, and that the other parent is unfit to have partial custody. The path toward full custody is that much more direct if you can present documentation of your former spouse’s abuse or neglect of the child. Furthermore, if you are gainfully employed or have a financial safety net that can be formally documented for a family court judge’s analysis, your argument for full custody of your child will be strengthened all the more. 

Legal Assistance for Full Custody

Ask parents who attempted to obtain full child custody through pro se appearances in a family court of law about the experience, and you will likely find those efforts backfired. Though the legal system empowers parents and others to represent themselves pro se, meaning without formal legal representation, doing so is almost always self-sabotaging. Instead of attempting to master the nuances of the legal system on your own, lean on an experienced family law attorney for guidance. 

Our family law attorney is here to break down the subtleties of the legal system in everyday language you can understand without a law degree. More importantly, we will collect and present evidence to prove your merit as a parent deserving of full custody of your child or children. The assistance of an experienced family law attorney empowers you to narrow your focus on generating income and maintaining a living space suitable for children while your child custody case is resolved in family court. 

Provide all evidence of your spouse’s neglect, abuse, financial destitution, and other character flaws to our attorneys, no matter how insignificant they might seem. Even minor chinks in the armor of your spouse’s character have the potential to amount to a whole greater than the sum of their individual parts, ultimately paving a path toward full child custody.

Examples of evidence you can amass to bolster the strength of your argument for full child custody include:

  • Police reports detailing spousal domestic violence
  • Documentation of your spouse’s periods of unemployment or underemployment
  • Documentation of your spouse’s child neglect
  • Documentation of your spouse’s substance abuse
  • Documentation of the spouse’s mental health challenges
  • Documentation of the spouse’s physical health problems

What Is the Best Living Environment for the Child? 

In the end, what matters most is whether your family law attorney can prove your home is the optimal living environment for your child. If the case is successfully made that awarding you with sole custody provides continuity that enhances his or her life, prevents abuse or neglect from the other parent, or improves quality of life for the child in another way, there is a good chance you will win full custody. 

Even subtleties pertaining to the unique relationship you have with your child that are not present in the relationship between him or her and the opposing mother/father have the potential to shape the family court judge’s opinion of suitability for parenting. Above all, lean on your family law attorney for guidance. Our legal team has a comprehensive understanding of the state’s unique child custody laws. Provide us with proof of legal parentage or paternity, orders pertaining to the child, the child’s birth certificate, and other relevant paperwork, and then let us get to work.

Retain a laser-like focus on your work while we petition for full child custody on your behalf, be patient as the legal process unfolds, and you’ll rest easy knowing you have done everything in your power to obtain full child custody.

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