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How to Manage a Co-Parenting Schedule

After a divorce, the majority of couples with children enter into a co-parenting agreement for the benefit of their children, most taking advantage of 50/50 time. During this time, it’s important to properly manage the co-parenting schedule to ease the stress on all involved.

The Importance of Co-Parenting After Divorce

Life as you know it changes after divorce. Of course, it also changes for your children. Co-parenting and developing a proper co-parenting schedule is a critical part of helping your children adjust to life after a divorce. Co-parenting also illustrates both parties’ dedication to the wellbeing of their children.
Effective co-parenting helps the child to not feel torn between two different parties. It illustrates proper conflict resolution and puts the child at ease. When co-parenting is working as it should, it increases the likelihood that both parents will be active throughout the child’s life, resulting in a happier and more fulfilled childhood and early adulthood.

Planning a Co-Parenting Schedule That Works

Is there a way to effectively plan a co-parenting schedule that works for all parties involved? The short answer is yes. There are a few tips and tricks that can make the process simpler for you and your ex.

  • Communication is key: Proper communication between you and your ex is paramount when deciding on a co-parenting schedule. You should both feel free to voice your concerns and desires when it comes to the parenting of your children.
  • Consider your child above all: Although a convenient co-parenting schedule might sound like a good goal, it’s important to remember your children above all else. Put yourselves in their shoes and realize this is something they’ve never done before. Think about what life will be like for them as you plan and before you make any decisions.
  • Consider travel: Do you and your ex live close? If so, co-parenting travel arrangements are simpler than if you live farther apart. Always consider travel requirements while planning and how they relate to your work schedule and your child’s school schedule.
  • Remember routine: Your child might already be accustomed to a routine. If this is true, it’s best to keep that routine as intact as possible during this time.

Consider your child’s school activities, extracurricular activities and more during your planning.

Need Help Understanding Your Co-Parenting Roles?

Your roles will change too as you navigate co-parenting. And sometimes, these new roles can be difficult to manage and understand alone. If you’re struggling to understand your roles as a co-parent, you need assistance with your co-parenting plan or you have questions about divorce, send us a message!

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