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If I Want to Adopt, Do I Need a Lawyer?

There is a common misconception that a child can be adopted without the assistance of an attorney. Those who have attempted “do it yourself” (DIY) adoption have largely failed. Though the state of Texas does not legally require those looking to adopt to lean on an attorney for guidance, doing so is prudent for several reasons. Our proven Colleyville family law attorneys are here to provide you with invaluable guidance throughout the adoption process in order to protect your financial interest, move the adoption along, and help ensure that the child in question makes as seamless a transition as possible to your home.

Our Attorneys Facilitate Successful and Timely Adoptions

The child adoption process has the potential to drag on for months or even years without the assistance of an experienced family law attorney. There is no sense forcing the child to remain in an orphanage or another potentially uncomfortable living situation any longer than necessary. Lean on our legal team to spearhead the adoption process on your behalf, represent you at proceedings, and ensure all the regulations and other requirements are met for a timely adoption. We will fiercely advocate on your behalf throughout this process, highlighting your merit as a potential parent and protecting your interests and rights all the way through the adoption process.

Legal Guidance for Potential Challenges

Childless individuals and couples are often surprised to learn that adoption requests are sometimes challenged by others. If the child’s birth parent, current guardian, or another relevant party issues a legal challenge to your adoption request, you will need a savvy family law attorney in your corner.

Assistance Navigating the Legal and Bureaucratic Processes

Even if no one challenges your attempt to adopt a child, the court’s requirements, the complexities of the law, bureaucratic requirements, and other requirements necessitate the assistance of an attorney. Our legal team is here to ensure that all of the proper steps are taken at the right moments in time, helping you surmount all potential hurdles in your quest for adoption.

Ongoing Legal Guidance

Adopting a child is much more complex than simply filling out a form and showing proof of income and residence. The adoption process requires extensive paperwork, proof of qualification, interviews, evaluations, and more. We have helped childless singles and couples throughout Texas meet these nuanced requirements, ultimately facilitating a smooth, quick, and relatively easy transition for the child being adopted. We will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure your soon-to-be child does not have to spend one day longer than necessary in a group home or foster care family home.

Legal Service Tailored to Your Unique Adoption

No two adoptions are exactly the same. Your unique situation, including your employment, living situation, legal history, and other factors, will be considered when your adoption request is evaluated. Our Colleyville family law attorneys know exactly how to present you as a potential parent to convince adoption agencies that you are qualified to be a loving and caring parent. The legal strategy used for your adoption probably won’t be the same as that used for other prospective parents. We take the time to personalize our legal service for you, ultimately maximizing the chances of a successful adoption.

Familiarity With the Local Court System

Colleyville adoption attorneys understand exactly what the local family courts are looking for in prospective parents. We have appeared before local family court judges, representing clients looking to adopt a child born outside of the family, as well as step-children, grandchildren, and other relatives. We know exactly what the courts and child adoption agencies require in terms of paperwork. Let us handle these complex hurdles to adoption on your behalf, and you will rest easy knowing our team is working tirelessly to satisfy all court and agency requirements for adoption.

In particular, family court judges are looking for specific information in your petition for adoption. We will strategically complete and file this petition along with all other necessary forms and documents quickly to ensure the child you have your heart set on is welcomed into your loving home as soon as possible.

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Our Colleyville family law attorneys are here to help you adopt a child without unnecessary delays, drama, or other problems. Lean on our team to expedite and simplify the adoption process, and you will be liberated to focus on work, family, and fun. 

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