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It’s Summer! If You Party A Bit Too Much – Don’t Drive

Ah, summertime. Everyone looks forward to those long summer days and steamy, hot nights. It’s the perfect time to take things a bit slower and enjoy the glorious weather and festivities that come this time every year.
From baseball games and backyard barbeques to weddings and waxing away in the great outdoors, there are numerous opportunities for fun festivities. And most of these fun events often come with a drink or few in tow.
And, unfortunately, the fun can end quite abruptly if someone drinks and drives. If you’re stopped by a police officer for a suspected DUI, here are three things you need to understand.

1. Blood Alcohol Limit

In Texas, if the breathalyzer test results show that you have a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher while driving, an officer could arrest you for a DUI/DWI. If you refuse to take the test, the officer can still arrest you and the state can suspend your license.
An officer can base an arrest on his or her observations of your behavior, including the presence of alcohol in your vehicle or the odor of alcohol on your breath. The officer also can administer a variety of other field sobriety tests and make you get out of your car to take them.

2. Defenses to DWI Charges

Every case is unique, but generally, you may have defense options. As your DUI defense lawyer, we will evaluate the best options for you given the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Your options will also depend on whether this is your first arrest or you’ve had others in the past. We’ll consider the following when seeking to protect your best interests:

  • Whether the breath samples were administered properly
  • Whether the police had a legitimate reason to stop you in the first place
  • Whether field sobriety tests were recorded properly

3. Past DUI Arrests

Each arrest after your first one can carry stiffer and stiffer penalties, fines and life-long consequences. Even a DWI arrest—not conviction—can still show up on certain public records. But by far the most significant consequences happen if the police arrest you for a second or subsequent DWI.
That’s why it’s so important for you to seek legal help right away, even for your first DWI arrest. Hopefully, you won’t have a subsequent DUI arrest. But, if you do, not having done things right the first time can seriously affect how the court sentences you in the future.

Seek Our Help Right Away if You’re Charged With DUI/DWI

There’s nothing wrong with having fun and letting loose when you can maintain control and be safe. But you must be mindful of your sobriety level as parties and celebrations wind down and you need to drive home.
And if you do find yourself facing DUI charges, contact us immediately. The sooner we can review the evidence that the state supposedly has against you, the better able we are to help.

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