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Legal Separation Can Be Had in Texas | Legal Separation Lawyer

Getting a divorce often starts with one spouse moving out of the family home and living a separate life. It can be hard on both of the people who are involved in this process. Getting a legal separation in Texas is not hard. You need to make your intention clear to the party you are separating from and you will need to get an attorney to help guide you through this process.

At the Setzer Law Firm, PLLC, we can help. We know the changes that can happen when you are in the process of getting a divorce. You thought that the union you held so dear would be a lifetime commitment but, because of circumstances that are seemingly beyond your control, things have changed and you need a separation that leads to a divorce.

We are your law firm through thick and thin. We can help you get a separation and will guide you through the divorce process; will stay in touch afterward to ensure that everything is as you want it to be.

Our law firm represents all types of people and we serve those who are closest to the Keller, Texas, area. We will not turn you away if you aren’t in this area, though. Men and women both are welcome at our door. We have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the entire divorce process. There may be issues of property disbursement that you are nervous about. Rest assured, we have done this so many times and have represented our clients well.

If you want to get a legal separation that leads to a divorce, you can could on our law firm to be front and center when you need us most.

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