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Lessons Learned From Celebrity Child Custody Battles

Divorcing celebrities often seem willing to spend lots of money on custody battles, the results of which are seldom much different from the arrangements of people who don’t live in the limelight.
Some recent examples of celebrity child custody battles include:

  • Deadpool star Morena Baccarin and her ex, director Austin Chick, agreed after a year of legal maneuvering that Chick would move to New York from Los Angeles, so they could share custody of their four-year old son.
  • Grey’s Anatomy star Jessie Williams and his ex, Aryn Drake-Lee, have been in a protracted fight over the couple’s two children. The allegations include incidents such as Williams bringing cupcakes to school in defiance of school policy and violating the child custody agreement by introducing the kids to his new girlfriend before the lapse of the six months stipulated in the custody agreement. Drake-Lee also charged that Williams failed to provide adequate notice before picking up the kids. Williams has accused Drake-Lee of violating the overnight agreement in the custody schedule.
  • Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have apparently settled some of their differences, with the six children spending Thanksgiving and Christmas with Pitt after a yearlong child custody battle about child custody arrangements.
  • Robin Thicke and Paula Patton have ended their battle over custody of their 7-year-old son. The legal documents state that the boy will divide each week between the homes of the parents during the school year, and during school vacations have an every-other-week schedule. He will spend alternate weekends with each parent. The battle began when Patton claimed domestic abuse after Thicke also charged Patton had violated earlier child custody agreements.

Common Issues in Child Custody Agreements

Stories like these get significant attention in the trades, gossip columns and supermarket tabloids. The details change frequently, reflecting the media’s addiction to publishing the latest scandals. However, stories like these are just more public and protracted versions of the issues that all divorcing parents face:

  • What is the best visitation schedule?
  • Who has the kids during holidays and vacations?
  • How do the parents handle new relationships?
  • What is the pickup and drop-off procedure?
  • Who goes to school events?
  • Where will the children and parents live?

These are matters that divorced and divorcing parents, celebrities or not, confront every day. Having a solid child custody agreement and the willingness to abide by it are key to resolving problems quickly. While child custody matters are indeed challenging, resolving disputes need not take years.

Need Help With Your Child Custody Agreement?

Negotiating a child custody agreement that works for both parents and children takes sensitivity, persistence, and a willingness to compromise a little. At Setzer Law Firm, our experienced family law attorneys have done this successfully many times, even when parents are skeptical that any resolution is possible. Call Jill and John Setzer for child custody help. From their offices in Colleyville and Trophy Club, Texas, they serve parents throughout Tarrant County and beyond.

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