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In most cases when the end of a marriage or relationship involves children they become a priority. This is usually true for both the mother as well as the father. Accordingly, it is not surprising that parents would want to everything they possibly can to make the often difficult process as easy as possible for the youngsters.

We understand why parents feel that way and do what we can to provide the support needed to navigate child custody, visitation and support matters in a way that keeps the kids the focus. On the front end this may entail using an alternative dispute method such as mediation or negotiation to reach a resolution. In addition to being easier for most emotionally, it is also usually less time consuming and less expensive.

We understand that as time passes so too do the needs and circumstances of all involved. Accordingly, when a change needs to be made regarding child custody, visitation or child support, after the passage of time, we can assist with that too. In addition to providing counsel on those topics, we can also help you seek modifications when warranted.

If you are in need of assistance in any of these matters we may be able to help. Let us take some of the pressure and stress off of your shoulders by handling the pieces that you do not need to be involved in. Doing so could free up time for you to spend with your children. For more information please see our website.

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