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Mothers’ Rights: How We Can Help | Mothers’ Rights Lawyer

Fathers’ rights is an issue that is much debated and talked about among those in family law, but mothers’ rights is something that comes up much more infrequently. While it’s true that noncustodial parents have rights to their children that should be upheld and protected by the family court system, custodial parents also have unique interests that deserve equal representation.

In most cases where a parent has sole custody, the vast majority of the parenting and day-to-day raising of the children is done by the custodial parent. When the custodial parent is the mother, there may be many things that need to change or adjust after a separation or divorce. Working out child care arrangements or who will watch the children if they are sick and the mother can’t take time off work are issues that become extremely important in a one-parent household.

No matter what your circumstances are, you have certain rights as the custodial parent of your children. These include but are not limited to receiving financial support from the other parent in the form of both child support and assistance with medical expenses not covered by insurance, a workable visitation schedule, and the assurance that the children are loved and well taken care of when they are with the other parent.

At Setzer Law, we know how hard it can be to take on the lion’s share of the decisions and dealings regarding the children after a divorce or separation. We also understand that sometimes a situation requires legal action or intervention to ensure both your and the children’s rights are protected. If you have questions about your circumstances and mothers’ rights, we can help.

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