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Questions to Ask When You’re Searching for a Family Lawyer

If you’re considering seeking legal counsel who can help you navigate and negotiate a family dispute, working with the right attorney for your needs is crucial. And just as an employer conducts an in-depth interview before hiring a potential job candidate, you should conduct an in-depth interview before hiring a lawyer. 

What kind of inquiries should you be sure to include in that interview? Here are a few important questions you should always ask when searching for a family lawyer

Can You Tell Me About Your Experience?

If you have a complex family matter you need to address, you’ll benefit from having a highly experienced family law attorney on your side. And that’s why it’s so important to ask a potential lawyer about their level of experience in this area of practice. 

While some matters can be very successfully handled by a less experienced attorney, others require a high level of knowledge that only an attorney well-versed in family law will have. Be sure to ask about the attorney’s track record for the type(s) of cases they handle most often, as well as what they can bring to your case that other lawyers may not. 

Have You Handled Cases Like Mine? 

Before you settle on an attorney, it’s important to make sure they’ve handled cases like yours in the past. Don’t just inquire about how many family law cases they’ve handled — ask how often they handle cases with similar details to the one you need help with. 

Ask, too, about outcomes for any cases that are comparable to the one you’re facing, as well as what you can expect in terms of your case’s outcome too. 

Do You Typically Work With Clients Like Me?

Inquire about the type of client the attorney typically partners with. If they typically deal with high-net-worth clients and your income is a bit more modest, they may not be accustomed to dealing with cases quite like yours. 

While an experienced attorney may have handled hundreds of family law cases throughout their career, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re experienced in handling cases like yours or people like you.  

What Type and Frequency of Communication Can I Expect?

As you and your attorney work through your case, you’ll no doubt want periodic updates on its progress. To set that expectation from the get-go, make sure you inquire how often your attorney intends to communicate with you and through what channel(s) they plan to do so (phone calls, emails, fax, etc.). 

Asking this question before hiring your attorney can help minimize anxiety and help you determine when it may be appropriate to reach out to your lawyer’s office for updates. 

What Will You Expect of Me as Your Client?

Before you select a lawyer, you need to know what to expect, both in terms of your responsibilities and theirs. And to solidify those expectations from the start, you’ll want to ask a potential attorney about what they’ll need from you throughout the case. 

Ask about estimated costs to make sure it’s within your budget, as well as the factors that may influence that projected figure over the duration of your case. It’s also a good idea to inquire about any missteps you could potentially make that might affect the outcome of your case. 

What Are My Options for Resolving My Family Dispute?

Hiring an attorney can be expensive, particularly if your case ends up going to court. And if finances are a concern for you, as they are for many, it’s important to have a solid understanding of all of your options before you move forward with the case. 

If you’re not keen on ending up in court, ask a prospective attorney whether it may be possible to settle matters via arbitration or other arrangements outside of court. Knowing your options in advance can help reduce the amount of stress you and your family experience throughout the case, as well as the amount of time you must invest in solving the issue. 

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