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Separations Might Do A Marriage Good With Proper Ground Rules

For some couples, the need to take a break from each other can sometimes become overwhelming. In those cases, couples might decide to cool off for a bit by trying out a separation. This time can be beneficial for some couples, but laying out the proper groundwork is vital.

In some cases, the separation gives the couple a chance to build up a stronger marriage. Each party has a chance to reevaluate his or her goals and needs. The parties can then come together to set mutual goals for the marriage after they work on themselves.

It is important for couples to realize that ground rules and initial goals are vital for these planned separations. During the period, each person needs to have space to think and reflect; however, both partners should make sure they don’t allow themselves to grow apart any more than they were when they embarked on the separation.

Some examples of rules include no dating other people while you live apart, being honest with each other about everything, talking to the children about what is going on, seeing a family counselor and removing expectations that your partner will see things your way. Compromise is a big part of making a separation work toward strengthening your marriage.

There is often an intensity that comes with living together. Couples who are in need of a break might find that even the smallest issues might cause serious problems. By taking a step away from the intense home situation, the couple might be able work on their issues without the tension of living together.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Does Taking a Break From Your Relationship Postpone the Inevitable?,” Terry Gaspard, April. 03, 2015

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