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Even in cases where the couple has exhausted all other options and come to the realization that going their separate ways is the only path forward, divorce is not a fun or easy process. However, if you talk to people who have divorced or are in the process of divorcing, you’re likely to get many different perspectives and opinions, from exes who can’t stand to be in the same room with each other and have to exchange the kids through a third party to those who maintain a friendly relationship. What’s the difference? According to one recent study, it could be where you live.

The study looked at numerous couples across the country, tallying up those who made online declarations that their divorce was agreeable. Each state in the United States was then given one of three color-coded ratings indicating how happy the divorces were. The ratings were green for “amicable,” tan for “cordial” and red for “disagreeable.” Most of the states fell into the cordial category, with 10 states rated disagreeable and 10 states winning an amicable rating.

Texas came in as number 10 in the country for the happiest divorces, and this appears to be the trend for states in the middle of the country as well. Kansas, Oklahoma and Louisiana all made the top 10, with Vermont coming in as best in the nation. Some of the worst divorces happen in the Southeast, with Alabama ranked as worst in the nation.

While it’s never possible to guarantee an easy or happy divorce, there are some factors that can help. Participating in the mediation process, putting yourself in your partner’s shoes during settlement negotiations and committing to a civil divorce process are steps in the right direction.

Source: KFOR, “Study shows where the happiest divorces happen,” Sep. 21, 2015

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