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Texas Finds Success With Child Support Recovery Program

As some individuals reading this are likely well aware, just because a child support order is in place doesn’t mean that the custodial parent will get the money he or she is entitled to. When child support payments aren’t made children can suffer and in some instances may lack the bare necessities.

Not all parents who do not make the payments are failing to do so out of malice. In some circumstances parents are simply unable to come up with the money owed. This can be upsetting for all parties involved.

The state of Texas understands the important role child support payments play for some. Accordingly, it has put into place a program designed to help certain individuals make those payments. A collaboration, between Workforce Solutions and the Texas Attorney General’s Office, the program—called Non-Custodial Parent Choices Program—began in 2005.

Rather than send delinquent parents to jail, the program assists non-custodial parents who are underemployed, unemployed or have low-incomes to find jobs that match their skill sets. As a part of the program, portions of the participant’s paycheck are put toward paying child support.

As a part of the program, some employer costs are underwritten as are some of the costs related to the job. One Workforce Solutions CEO indicated that enrolling individuals in the program costs significantly less than what it costs to house someone in jail for the offense. Since its inception, a total of $164 million has been recovered.

When financial circumstances dramatically change following the creation of a child support plan it may be able to secure a modification. For assistance in matters such as these it is important to work with a lawyer.

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