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What is Co-parenting And Is It Right For You?

Co-parenting, or shared parenting, is becoming more and more common. The benefits of such an approach to parenting are many, but it’s not always easy for all parents.

There are classes available in some locations that can help parents learn more about co-parenting. Not only are new skills often learned, but parents can meet others that have decided that this form of parenting is worth their time.

Co-parenting helps children learn to deal with the divorce or separation. Divorce can be horrible for the adults, but it can deeply affect the children, too — often creating emotional problems that continue into adulthood.

Co-parenting means the two parents will raise their children together. It means avoiding arguing, shouting and other similar behavior. By behaving civilly toward the other parent, you are teaching your children how to deal with conflict and in some cases, emotional turmoil.

Children need both parents in their lives, except in cases of abuse, neglect or substance abuse issues. Both parents will feel more involved in their children’s lives when they stay in communication with the other parent. In addition, regular communication will help avoid turning small misunderstandings into huge conflicts.

Co-parenting has many benefits and not just those for the kids. When parents work together to raise their children even though the romantic relationship no longer exists, everyone benefits.

If co-parenting is something you wish to use but your ex is not responding well to the concept, mediation could be beneficial. Divorce mediation is often used to determine child custody, visitation and other parenting time issues. An attorney experienced in mediation can provide more information.

Source: Office of the Attorney General of Texas, “Co-Parenting Guide,” accessed June 19, 2015

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