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Why Should You Pay for an Initial Consultation With an Attorney?

When searching for legal assistance, you’ll find attorneys that charge an initial consultation fee and those who offer initial consultations for free. Although it’s tempting to reach out to an attorney who offers a free consultation, paying for an attorney’s time has its benefits.

3 Reasons Why You Should Pay for an Initial Consultation

If you’re serious about seeking legal advice for your concerns, paying an initial consultation fee shouldn’t be a deal breaker. In fact, paying a consultation fee allows you to have your attorney’s full and undivided attention, plus many other benefits.

1. Receive Dedicated Time to Voice Your Legal Concerns

Just like any other professional service provider, an attorney’s time is precious. Initial consultations can range from an hour to a few hours, depending on the type of case. Paying a fee guarantees dedicated time with your attorney to voice your legal concerns.

2. Walk Away With Specific Next Steps Pertaining to Your Case

During a consultation, you’ll receive valuable information about your case and the next steps you could take, such as filing a lawsuit. The goal of the consultation is to ensure you’re comfortable with what happens next.
If the attorney decides that your case is better suited for another attorney, they will tell you. This type of advice doesn’t benefit your attorney but benefits you. Paying a fee gives you access to this advice, without selling the attorney’s services short.

3. Gain Access to Professional Legal Advice

Some law firms use the initial consultation to simply help a client gauge their comfort level with a specific attorney and an attorney’s comfort level with the case. Attorneys who charge a fee are typically comfortable sharing their professional legal advice, without a guarantee of representation. This means you receive the advice you need, without being bound to their services.

Before You Move Forward, Consult With an Attorney.

For most legal concerns, it’s best to reach out to an attorney before moving forward. An initial consultation is a great way for your attorney to get to know your case and decide if they’re the right fit. To learn more about choosing an attorney, send us a message.

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