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You Don’t Have To Deal With Parental Alienation | Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases are often difficult for the parents; however, the results of those cases can often be difficult on the children. The problem with some child custody cases is that one of the parents doesn’t act like a mature adult. Instead, one parent might act in a way that alienates the other parent. That isn’t something that is acceptable for an adult parent to do.

We know that dealing with your child’s other parent when he or she is acting out is something that is difficult to do. We know that you probably support your child having a meaningful relationship with the other parent, but that doesn’t mean that you have to deal with that parent doing things to alienate you.

Parental alienation can occur in a variety of manners. Your ex might encourage your child to get in the middle of adult matters. That ex might criticize you in front of your child. You might be subjected to denigrating remarks from your child’s other parent. If the other parent has your child, you might find that your communication with your child or the time you spend with your child is limited unreasonably. In all of those cases, you need to explore the options you have for dealing with the issue. We can help you learn those options.

From the start of the custody case and throughout the child’s life, you will have to deal with the other parent. There is no reason for you to deal with unreasonable actions by that other parent. Instead, learn about how you can stand up for your relationship with your child.

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