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Family Law Attorney Near Keller, TX

Best Family Law Attorneys Near Keller, TX

Family issues such as divorce, child custody, and adoption are often complex and should be handled with a certain degree of sensitivity. The team of attorneys at Setzer Law Firm, PLLC near Keller, TX, understands that and approaches every case with compassion and dignity. Jill and John Setzer have more than 30 years of combined legal experience and have appeared in courts throughout the entire Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. Setzer Law Firm, PLLC, seeks speedy, effective, and fair resolutions while prioritizing clients’ best interests.

Dependable Divorce Attorneys Near Keller, TX

Going through a divorce is one of the most substantial changes in a person’s life, and with it comes many difficult and emotional decisions. Having an experienced and compassionate divorce attorney by your side through the process is crucial to help you navigate this challenging time. Divorce attorneys Jill and John Setzer at Setzer Law Firm, PLLC, have been practicing family law in Texas since 2001 and have guided thousands of people through the process using a clear, no-nonsense yet compassionate style. To schedule a consultation today, call (817) 230-4248.

Child Custody & Child Support Lawyers

Cases involving child custody and child support are among the most complex and challenging in the entire legal system. Agreeing on visitation schedules and payment arrangements and amounts is no easy task and can be overwhelming. That’s exactly why it’s essential to have a family attorney in your corner who’s experienced in handling child custody and support cases in Keller. The attorneys at Setzer Law Firm, PLLC have more than 30 years of experience practicing family law. Whether your case is extremely difficult with many moving parts or is fairly straightforward, Jill Setzer and John Setzer have the expertise and compassion to guide you through the process while keeping the children’s best interests the main priority.

To connect with an attorney near Keller who will aggressively advocate for your rights, schedule your consultation today. Contact us online or give us a call at (817) 230-4248.

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