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How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Divorce is an inherently stressful process. However, divorce mediation has the potential to make this difficult chapter of your life significantly easier and quicker. Mediation is becoming a popular alternative to conventional divorce because it presents an opportunity to resolve conflicts in a timely, affordable, and civil manner. Let’s take a quick look at the […]

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Fault vs No Fault Divorce

Have you reached the point where there is no hope for saving your marriage and you can no longer work through differences with your spouse? Then it might be a time to get a divorce. Under Texas law, there are two types of divorce: no-fault and fault divorces. Below is a detailed description and explanation […]

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What Happens if You Don’t Pay Child Support?

If you are legally required to pay child support and fail to do so, you will face serious consequences. As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide for your child, even if you are no longer married or do not interact with your former significant other. However, plenty of people fail to pay child […]

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Causes for Divorce and How They Affect the Case

“Does the reason for a divorce affect its legal outcome?” This is a question many individuals have to think about as they navigate the complexities of ending a marriage. In short, the cause of a divorce can indeed influence various aspects of the legal process, from property division to child custody decisions. We’ll delve into […]

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High Asset Divorce in Fort Worth, TX

Divorce is inherently complex, and this complexity multiplies in cases involving significant assets. At Setzer Law Firm, PLLC, we understand the intricacies of high asset divorces in Fort Worth, TX. Our expertise in handling sophisticated asset portfolios—including self-owned businesses, stocks and bonds, real estate, and substantial tax implications—ensures that our clients receive the diligent care […]

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High Net Worth Divorce in Dallas Fort Worth

Are you facing divorce while living in the Dallas Fort Worth area and have a lot of different types of assets to worry about?Navigating a high net worth divorce presents unique challenges and demands a nuanced approach, especially in the Dallas Fort Worth area. At Setzer Law Firm, PLLC, located in the heart of Colleyville, […]

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Colleyville Divorce Attorneys that Protect Your Assets

Sometimes things go wrong suddenly and sometimes they end badly. If you’re facing a divorce and you have assets that need protection, you can’t just hire a churn and burn divorce attorney to protect your assets and fight your case. You need to hire the Colleyville divorce attorneys that can protect your assets, provide excellent […]

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Understanding Child Custody: The Different Types and What They Mean

Child custody is one of the most critical aspects of family law, directly affecting both parents and children involved in legal proceedings. At its core, child custody determines who will have the right to make decisions for the child and with whom the child will live. Here are the various types of child custody to […]

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Filing for Divorce in Arlington, TX: Navigating the Process in Tarrant County

Divorce is a significant life event that often comes with its fair share of challenges and complexities. When considering filing for divorce in Arlington, TX, or anywhere else in Tarrant County, it’s crucial to understand the legal process, requirements, and potential implications. This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on the steps, considerations, and key […]

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Understanding the Key Facts About Family Law

When it comes to legal matters involving families, having a knowledgeable and experienced family lawyer by your side is crucial. Family law covers a wide range of issues that affect individuals and their loved ones. In this article, we will explore the key points that highlight the significance of family law and how you can […]

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