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How to be there for your child following a divorce

There is no question that moving forward after a divorce can be difficult. This is particularly true when children were a product of the failed relationship. This situation can leave parents unsure of the best way to proceed. In some cases fathers in particular may feel this uncertainty. In this post we will cover ways […]

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Child Custody Arrangement Will Impact Tax Return

When it comes to determining child custody matters there is a lot on the line. Most parents are concerned with securing custody so they can be with their children as much as possible. This makes sense since many parents are interested in playing a meaningful role in the lives of their children. Parents focused on […]

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Child Custody And Visitation In The State of Texas

Ending relationships is often difficult for individuals to do, even when both parties know that it needs to happen. While in many cases this decision leads to each party walking away and moving on with their lives, this usually is not an option when the relationship that is ending produced children. In fact in those […]

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Could Divorce Mediation Be Right For You?

When a couple decides to end a marriage there are potentially many reasons behind it. Often they are unable to get along and reach a consensus on issues that impact their lives. For people in this situation it is not surprising then that they may not be able to agree on issues pertaining to their […]

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Before Custody For Fathers Paternity Must First Be Established

There is no question that today when couples with children split, things are much different than they were even 20 years ago. Throughout the years a more equal parenting style has arisen in which more fathers play an active role in the lives of their children. Upon the end of the relationship, many seek to […]

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January a Popular Month for Divorce Filings

Of course it is possible that individuals will choose to end their marriages at any time throughout the year. That said the month of January is traditionally considered as one of the most popular to do so. In fact, according to the president of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, there is a surge that […]

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When Valentine’s Day is Over

Now that Valentine’s Day is over, and divorce filings will increase, the following is my best advice for my clients, “be BORING! Be an altar boy/girl.” Trust me, even though a particular parenting style may have been accepted and not challenged during your marriage, or even during the divorce proceeding itself, your soon-to-be ex will make a mountain out […]

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Divorce — Is It Your New Year’s Resolution for 2014?

Each new year brings resolve for change. I schedule several new client consultations in December and January each year and a consistent theme in those meetings is that my client no longer desires to continue living in a marriage lacking love, passion, or anything in common besides their children.If you, or someone you know, is […]

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When is the “Best Time” To File For Divorce?

I have been practicing law for over a decade and this is one of the most popular questions I hear on a weekly basis. The answer is not always easy or a quick one to make. I always recommend that if the thought of filing for divorce has merely crossed your mind, or if you […]

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Child Support & Paternity | Texas Child Support & Paternity

In a recent paternity case the biological father refused to bring his income information to Court. The Court set his child support obligation at $475.00 a month. We were set for a hearing before the Attorney General in Tarrant County yesterday and I utilized their resources to obtain the father’s true income. Child support is now set at […]

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